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dc.contributor.authorde Araujo, H.R.-
dc.contributor.authorLobo, H.A.S.-
dc.description.abstractShow caves provide contemplation and satisfaction to visitors immersed in a unique environment. Additionally, cave tourism contributes to the protection of the speleological heritage and may contribute to improving the quality of life of local communities. However, public and private managers face challenges to their development regarding the environmental fragility and the socioeconomic complexity of the local communities and tourism sector. In the face of this, this study proposed investigating different theoretical and practical aspects linked to the show cave management in Brazil and Portugal. The analysis of these cases allows for a comparison of several theories applied to tourism with the reality identified in the show caves, allowing both the understanding of the current status and the projection of tourism sustainability in caves through already developed practices. The conclusions point to the possibility of broadening the sustainability of show caves once the results allow the application of solutions for problems faced by management entities in the environmental, social and economic spheres. In addition, the results fill a knowledge gap, opening new opportunities for the discussion on sustainable management of show caves.pt_BR
dc.subjectShow cavespt_BR
dc.subjectTourism in cavespt_BR
dc.subjectUnderground tourismpt_BR
dc.subjectSustainable tourismpt_BR
dc.titleA Strategic Framework for Analysis and Implementation of Good Practices for the Sustainability of Show Cavespt_BR

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