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Título: Geoheritage of a Brazilian Semi‑Arid Environment: the Seridó Aspiring UNESCO Geopark
Autor(es): da Silva, Matheus Lisboa Nobre
do Nascimento, Marcos Antonio Leite
Costa, Silas Samuel dos Santos
Palavras-chave: Geoheritage;· Inventory;Semiarid environment;Seridó Geopark
Data do documento: 2-Mar-2022
Resumo: Since the end of 2019, two new Brazilian areas are candidates to join UGG/GGN; one of them is Seridó Aspiring UNESCO Geopark, located in the country’s Northeast, state of Rio Grande do Norte. It is named after a native Brazilian word, of tapuia tradition — ceri-toh — which means “little or no foliage; little shade,” something that well defnes its landscape, typical of the Caatinga Biome, which is only found in Brazil, and semiarid climate. The local geology comprises eight lithological clusters dating from the Paleoproterozoic to recent. It is a highly diverse territory, whose inventory of geological heritage comprises 21 geosites, with diferent types of interests, such as mineralogical, petrological (plutonic and volcanic), hydrological, geomorphological, and paleontological, among others, of regional to international relevance. They are integrated with the communities of the region through culture, economy, tourism, and science. Many are recognized by population as a heritage of Seridó. This paper describes all the geosites of the proposed geopark, also analyzing socio-cultural and environmental factors, and hazards related to geological heritage and its surroundings, such as cavities and archeological sites, Caatinga biome conservation, water use, Quilombola and settlement communities, urban proximity, risks in slopes, and especially with regard to the relationship of mining activities in the region, which since the 1940s has boosted the local and regional economy, with the exploitation of scheelite in the Brejuí Mine, the largest mine of its kind in South America, currently one of the geopark’s geosites that has a high scientifc value, notably of international relevance.
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